Q) I already have a police clearance, can I use this for my application with Big Brothers Big Sisters?

The agency can accept the police check so long as it meets the following criteria:

-it is the original (with seal, or embossment) copy

-it was issued no longer than 6 months ago

-it is the vulnerable sector type screening (versus a standard police clearance)


Q) Does my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner qualify as a significant other reference if we are not legally married, or live together?

Yes, we prefer to have a reference for a significant other/romantic partner over a family reference regardless of whether you are legally married, or live together.

Q) I do not have a reference form the vulnerable sector (have worked or volunteered with elderly, children/youth, or individuals with disabilities), what should I do?

Although this is a preferred reference, if you have not volunteered or worked within the vulnerable sector, you can use a previous or current employment, or volunteer reference outside the vulnerable sector.

If you do not have an employment reference, you can use a teacher (ex. high school teacher, college or university professor).


Q) My reference does not have an email, which is required to submit the application. What should I do?

If the reference you are providing does not have access to or use an email account, please enter (or something similar). This will inform case manager that no email is available (applications are personally reviewed entered). Please keep in mind that references without emails can take longer to complete.

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