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    Persons over 18 years of age are eligible to volunteer in all programs. Please provide your date of birth, so we may suggest a program that is best suited for you.

How it Works

How The Volunteering Process Works

The order of the steps in the application and assessment process can vary from agency to agency, but the following is a general overview of the process. You, the volunteer applicant:

  • Completes an application with their local agency
  • Submits a vulnerable sector screen, criminal records check, and three or four references
  • Participates in a one-to-one interview with a staff member at the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency
  • Depending on the program, may be asked to participate in an assessment of their home environment
  • Successfully completes an orientation and child safety training
  • Is notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance
  • If accepted as a volunteer mentor, signs an agreement of confidentiality
The Matching Process

Similar to the application and assessment process, the matching process can vary from agency to agency and from program to program, but in general:

  • The caseworker, now familiar with the volunteer and the children and youth waiting to be matched, discusses a potential match with the volunteer, the child or youth, and, depending on the program, with the family
  • The caseworker arranges for a meeting between the child or youth, the volunteer mentor, and often the parent or guardian

If everyone agrees, the match can begin!