COVID-19 Reopening Plan – Step 1



COVID-19 Reopening Plan – Step 1

Our province has moved into Step 1 of the three-step process to reopen – In-person match visits are allowed.

Matches are allowed to meet in person as long as you remain outdoors, keep two metres apart, and wear a mask when keeping two meters apart is not possible. Unfortunately, this means no riding in cars together.

These guidelines were put in place on June 4 when the government lifted the stay-at-home order. There are no changes to the guidelines as our province moves into Step 1 of the three-step Roadmap to Reopen on June 11.

We are keeping a close eye on the reopening process and will continue to keep you updated through our website and email.  In the meantime, please reach out to your Case Manager if you have any questions at all. Your health and safety is our highest priority – always.

Enjoy the outdoors!

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