COVID-19 Vaccination Policy



COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Staff, Mentors, Mentees and their Families

All volunteers applying for school and site-based programing will have to be fully vaccinated, as per the school board policies, and will be required to show proof of vaccination for in-person/on-site programs.

Volunteers, Mentees, and their families in the community-based programs and virtual programs are not required to be vaccinated. While proof of vaccination is not a requirement, you will be asked about your vaccination status as this information is helpful when we are matching volunteers and mentees. Any proof of vaccination that you provide will be noted, but this information is not stored in our digital filing system. This information is only used for the purposes of making informed decisions for all parties in consideration of creating new matches, and in regards to in-person visits.

While our offices remain closed to the public, we may need to make arrangements to meet with external parties in the office. All individuals entering our office must show proof of vaccination.

COVID-19 Updates

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